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Don't Get Caught Driving In Illinois Without A Current Vehicle Sticker?

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In Illinois many motorists wait until they receive a written notice from the Illinois Secretary of State that their license plate sticker is about to expire and then buy a new Illinois vehicle sticker. The alternative is that you can be charged with driving on an expired plate. Most motorists still continue to wait until this reminder notice is received before purchasing their sticker. But beginning this year, 2016 that notice won't come.


Did you Know: for 2016 the Illinois Secretary of State will no longer be sending written notice to motorists that their vehicle stickers are about to expire and must be renewed. Illinois drivers now must remember on their own when to renew their license plate stickers or run the risk of being fined if caught driving on expired plates. So now you may find out for the first time if you're pulled over by the police that you are driving on an expired sticker. Sounds like small change. But consider that driving on an expired sticker can cost you. The penalty is $90 for the expired sticker and $20 late fee in addition to the cost of the sticker. Or take off from work, go to court and spend a morning or afternoon in traffic court. Lose a day's pay in other words.

Why Did The Secretary Of State Of Illinois Stop Sending Out Vehicle Registration Renewal Reminder Notices?

To send out all those renewal notices was cost the state of Illinois $400,000, sounds like a lot. But that's actually $400,000 per month! About 800,000 renewal reminders are sent out each month for the 11 million vehicles registered in Illinois.

As Illinois Secretary of State has said "A lot of people have grown to rely on these notices so then they know when to come into a facility or register online. People can still get notices by email if they register online. They need to do that through the secretary of state’s website, Those people will also have the information needed to renew their license stickers online. Those who don’t have access to email or a computer will have to go to a drivers’ license facility in order to renew their stickers."

So the answer is make a note on your calendar or an alert on your cellphone each year to renew the sticker for your license plates. So things are definitely better online. This one sure is. While this information seems unusual coming from a family law firm that does divorce, paternity, personal injury and general family law, we do try to keep up with what is important to the families or represent. Our la has been representing Illinois families for more than 43 years. Let us give you our professional assistance with not only the small problems but the big problems too. Remember live well, be good to your children and your mate – and by vehicle sticker each year on time. the Law Office of Martoccio & Martoccio.

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