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Family Law Victories

  • Father Obtains Custody of 8 Year Old Son

    Father Obtains Custody of 8 Year old Son after Mother Interferes with our Client, the Father’s Visitation and Wrongfully Removes Child to Florida In re Marriage of Gibbs, 268 Ill.App.3d 962, 268 Ill.App.3d 962

    Father [our client] and custody Mother were separated when their only son was 15 months old and they divorced when he was four years old....

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  • We Win Custody Of 7 Year Old Daughter Of Our Client

    The Father, Dennis (our client) and Mother (Freddy) were married October 16, 1982 and had a daughter, Katie a year later. They separated in 1988. While still married the Father began dating and had a child by another women. The Mother filed for divorce in 1989 and the Father asked for custody of their daughter, who was then 7 years old. The Trial Judge found that our client, the Father was guilty of “onerous adultery” and denied...

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