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Child Support Lawyers Help Families During Divorce in Illinois

In the state of Illinois, child support is often paid by a supporting parent to the parent who is the guardian of a child or children. In some cases, a court might also order a parent providing child support to pay a partial or the whole amount of a child’s healthcare expenses that are not covered by insurance. When problems arise concerning child support, the assistance of legal counsel, like the team at the Law Office of Martoccio & Martoccio, can prove particularly helpful.

Applicable Illinois Law

The state of Illinois currently determines child support payments by using specific guidelines. The payment of child support stops once a child reaches the age of 18, but payments of child support can also stop earlier in the event that a child becomes emancipated. In other cases, payments continue past the age of 18 if a child decides to pursue a postsecondary education, or due to a disability, remains dependent on parents.

Special note should be made that Illinois child support has changed as of July 1, 2017. In accordance with new laws, child support in the state of Illinois will be calculated in a very different manner than the analysis that has been performed by courts for the past 30 years. Per the new law, both parents’ incomes will be taken into consideration when child support is calculated, and courts will proceed in the following manner:

  • First, a court will determine the combined “net income” of both parents.
  • This income value will then be placed by the court into a chart provided by the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services to determine the amount of required child support.
  • The court will determine each parent’s portion of the amount from the chart based on the percentage that they contribute to the combined net income.
  • If both parents have at least 146 overnight stays with their children each year, the court will perform additional calculations to determine each parent’s child support obligation based on the amount of time they have with their children.

How Our Legal Counsel Can Help With Child Support

Our legal team helps clients with a variety of divorce and child support cases. Some of the most common ways in which our law firm assists individuals includes the following:

  • Discovering finances that a parent might not have declared. By demonstrating that these extra funds exist, a parent can be forced to pay a larger amount of child support;
  • Obtaining an order for child support;
  • Pursuing post-decree modifications after a court has issued an initial statement about the terms of child support; and
  • Pursue enforcement of child support payments when a parent has been delinquent.

Contact a Skilled Illinois Attorney

If you are in need of knowledgeable legal counsel regarding a child support issue, contact the Law Office of Martoccio & Martoccio. Our firm can be reached by calling 331-588-6611 or filling out our online form to schedule an initial conference. Our legal counsel assists clients in Cook, DuPage, Kane, Kendall, and Will counties.

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