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When spouses make the decision to divorce, children are frequently also affected by such an event. Understandably, many parents value the lives of their children and the best interests of a child during the divorce process. At the Law Office of Martoccio & Martoccio, our attorneys help divorcing spouses find solutions that will create minimal disruptions in the lives of any involved children.

Whenever healthy to do so, our firm also encourages healthy relationships for children with both parents in the most appropriate manner possible. These decisions will be made once our legal team has a firm and specific understanding of your unique needs during the divorce process. While ideal, our firm understands that not all divorcing parents are able to deal with each other to participate in raising any involved child or children.

Our Illinois Legal Counsel Helps Resolve Custody Disputes

At the Law Office of Martoccio & Martoccio, our counsel understands that child custody (or the allocation of parental responsibilities) and visitation agreements are very important parts in the lives of children after a divorce. It has often been found that it is in the best interest of a child to be allowed to continue a relationship with both parents. This type of arrangement, however, is not possible in all arrangements. In many cases, one parent is granted primary residential responsibilities and that parent’s home becomes the child’s main residence, while the other parent is often allowed parenting time or visitation rights and partial decision-making abilities. In the event that both parents are determined to be incapable of parenting, a court will likely make other arrangements for the child.

Modifications of Divorce Agreements

After an initial determination has been made by a court, there are many changes that can affect both the lives of a parent and a child or children. These changes might require a modification of the existing court order. Some of the most common types of situations requiring modifications of court orders include job changes, medical developments, relocations, remarriage of a parent, or any other significant change that would drastically impact the life of the child. Our practice can help petition for changes in existing court orders to reflect current circumstances.

Get the Assistance of a Skilled Illinois Attorney

If you require any type of legal assistance with a child issue, it is a wise idea to contact a knowledgeable and skilled attorney like the Law Office of Martoccio & Martoccio. Contact our Geneva office today by calling us at 331-588-6611 or filling out an online form to schedule an initial consultation. No matter your particular situation, our legal counsel will help create a particular strategy to respond to your case.

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